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(ˌhiːməʊˈstætɪk; ˌhɛm-) or


1. (Medicine) retarding or stopping the flow of blood within the blood vessels
2. (Medicine) retarding or stopping bleeding
(Medicine) a drug or agent that retards or stops bleeding
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hemostatic, haemostatic

a styptic agent or substance. — hemostatic, haemostatic, adj.
See also: Blood and Blood Vessels
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[ˌhiːməʊˈstætɪk] adj (action, remedy) → antiemorragico/a
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Severe bleeding can be a life-threatening condition and should be managed effectively in a variety of ways including mechanic sponge pressing on the bleeding area; vessel ligation; applying chemical or electro-cauterization and cryotherapy; using topical haemostatic or vasoconstrictor agents and etc (1-4).
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Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Feb 28 (Businesswire India): Giving a fillip to the Government's 'Make in India' initiative, Axiostat has become the first Indian wound care product to receive 510(K) FDA clearance in the US for its pioneering haemostatic dressing.
Haemostatic agents can considerably contribute to stopping such uncontrolled haemorrhage in trauma patients and reduce the possibility of its undesirable consequences [1, 2].
The scientific report on its haemostatic activity in controlled experiments is relatively scanty.
It was supervised by master trainers from abroad who demonstrated the latest haemostatic techniques on live animals.