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Ay, wi fit ye caa Facetime, emails an phones reid haet atween Leighon-Sea an Aiberdeen, we as prood granparents again, were able tae welcome Rose Ethel Shepherd intae the faimily circle.
(35) AEfter daem Fuluius se consul for mid firde on Crece to beorgum mon Olimphus haet. (Or 4 (11.109.15))
The Chanology Experiments encompass a series of experiments involving Scientology and the Internet Haet Machine, Internet Love Machine (the Hugbox), and four machines invented over the course of the experiments--the Internet Change Machine (a.k.a.
Of Iotum comon Cantware & Wihtware, paet ys seo maeid de nu eardao on Wiht, & daet cynn on Westsexum pe man gyt haet Iutna cyn.
A recording of the most recent IRO Best Practices Conference Call--including additional information on the bed-bug haet treatment--is available at
man dey wir a pooer o' haet water rinnin' oot o'yon wirm-aetin laek thing [...] bit [...] whin I stappid up ee side wi' a fael hit juist cam as fast oot da tidder side.
(21) 'Eewige haet quaet / u valsche raet gaet in allen rijcken' (Becooringe 29-30).
site, which has 13 million subscribers, said Miferta's general manager Ian Haet.
The Anglo-Saxon "Haet" is cognate with the Old German, Old Norse and Old Teutonic words for "hood." "Cap" is even older, stemming from the proto-Indo European word for "head," the origin of both the Latin caput and the German Kopf.
One example is HaEt (a Scots word meaning "a whit"), HatE, and HEat; can readers find others?
Se Nefrod het wyrcan paenne tor on daem felda de Nensar hatte, and on daere piode de Deira hatte, swide neah paere byrig pe mon nu haet Babilonia.
Similarly the manuscript reading hwaet in haet me gemaette (Dream of the Rood, 2a) makes no sense and is usually emended to hwaet on the assumption that again (w) was lost in the course of the textual transmission; emendation to thaet has also been suggested.