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 (hä-fĭz′, -fēz′) Full name Khwajeh Shams al-Din Muhammad Hafez-e Shirazi. fl. 14th century.
Persian poet whose sensuous rhyming couplets, many of which celebrate love, wine, and nature, are traditionally interpreted allegorically by Sufic Muslims.


n. Islam
1. One who has memorized the Koran.
2. Used as a title of respect for such a person.

[Arabic ḥāfiẓ, guardian, hafiz, active participle of ḥafiẓa, to guard, memorize; see ḥpṯ̣ in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) a title for a person who knows the Koran by heart
[from Persian, from Arabic hāfiz, from hafiza to guard]


(Biography) Shams al-Din Muhammad (ˌshæmz ælˌdɪn məʊˈhæmɪd). ?1326–90, Persian lyric poet, best known for his many short poems about love and wine, often treated as religious symbols


(ˈhɑ fɪz)

a title of respect for a Muslim who knows the Koran by heart.
[1655–65; < Arabic ḥāfiz literally, a guard, one who keeps]



(Shams ud-din Mohammed) c1320–89?, Persian poet.


A Persian word for a person who has memorized the Koran.
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In them you will see the mystery and the sensual beauty of the East, the roses of Hafiz and the wine-cup of Omar; but presently you will see more.
There is as much sense in Hafiz as in Horace, and as much knowledge of the world.
Was it Hafiz or Firdousi that said of his Persian Lilla, She was an elemental force, and astonished me by her amount of life, when I saw her day after day radiating, every instant, redundant joy and grace on all around her.
One after another he comes up in his private adventures with every fable of Aesop, of Homer, of Hafiz, of Ariosto, of Chaucer, of Scott, and verifies them with his own head and hands.
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ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad High Court on Friday issued notices to secretaries of law, Cabinet Division and Establishment Division after chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa Hafiz Saeed, challenged a presidential ordinance through which ban was imposed on the JuD.
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