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also Hag·gad·ic  (hə-găd′ĭk, -gä′dĭk, -gô′dĭk)
adj. Judaism
Of or relating to the Haggadah.
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The mufassirun he selects are Muqatil, al-Qummi, al-Tabari, al-Zamakhshari, and Ibn Kathir, representing respectively the approaches he characterizes as haggadic, sectarian, literalist, rationalist, and fundamentalist.
compilation of lists of proverbs with haggadic commentary.
68) For a presentation and discussion of numerous examples, see Geza Vermes, Scripture and Tradition in Judaism: Haggadic Studies, Studia Postbiblica 4 (Leiden: Brill, 1961) 67-126; Michael Segal, "Between Bible and Rewritten Bible," in Biblical Interpretation at Qumran, ed.
Here the quotation marks have fallen away; the poem becomes a type of haggadic commentary, a memory transcribed in words as if it were a kind of living present gloss on an absent though painfully recollected Text.
The Gospels, from the Bible, are haggadic in nature.