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v. hag·gled, hag·gling, hag·gles
1. To bargain, as over the price of something; dicker: "He preferred to be overcharged than to haggle" (W. Somerset Maugham).
2. To argue in an attempt to come to terms.
1. To cut (something) in a crude, unskillful manner; hack.
2. Archaic To harass or worry by wrangling.
An instance of bargaining or arguing.

[Frequentative of dialectal hag, to chop, hack, from Middle English haggen, from Old Norse höggva; see kau- in Indo-European roots.]

hag′gler n.
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Noun1.haggler - an intense bargainer
bargainer - negotiator of the terms of a transaction; "he is a hard bargainer"
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'Sir John' these different times, when I be plain Jack Durbeyfield, the haggler?"
Th expert from Haggler Bailly, Pakistan Aziz Karim (Senior EHS Manager) apprised the audience of various aspects of Workplace Safety and Hazards.
I am not, it turns out, a natural haggler, haggling being alien both to me and the British psyche.
| Don't discount a discount: The successful haggler doesn't need to always embark on a bidding war - sometimes simply a discount will suffice.
I preferred this only because I'm not a very good haggler, a necessary skill for anyone choosing open markets.
By way of contrast, Villalon turns next to the other sort of chap--the regaton or haggler: "There are other men who never buy these goods to benefit the republic--seeking them cheap so as to preserve them for times of shortage and need in order to distribute them to the people.
"The Haggler," a column by David Segal for the New York Times (30 December 2012), reports on the inconvenience suffered by one hapless couple who mistakenly showed up a day late for their flight home to Chicago from New Delhi and how much the error cost them.
But Josie d'Arby, who recently presented on Cardiff Singer of the World, is, by her own admission, an experienced haggler. Yesterday she bought a lamb at Cardigan livestock mart outbidding three of her fellow celebrities taking part in S4C's Welsh language learning boot-camp cariad@iaith:love4language.
Marvin Haggler, Thomas Hearns and Roberto Duran - I've read books on them all.
The Haggler's Guide to a Bargain The next few months will give buyers plenty of opportunities to drive down property prices.
Chronicles a year's worth of field research hunting every kind of quail in every quail hunting area of the States, in addition to being a highly readable account of Haggler's experiences.