hail down

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w>hail down

vi (stones etc)niederprasseln, niederhageln (on sb/sth auf jdn/etw); blows hailed down (on him)es hagelte Schläge (auf ihn nieder)
vt sep blowsniederprasseln lassen
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From time to time a shot from a musket or the blade of a rapier flashed among the crowd; projectiles continued to hail down from the windows and some shots were heard, the echo of which, though they were probably fired in the air, made all hearts vibrate.
Remember, you can only hail down public hire cabs - such as Hackney black cabs - and you must pre-book private hire cabs.
The Perseid shower takes its name from the constellation of Perseus, the point from which all the meteors appear to hail down from the sky.