hair transplant

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hair′ trans`plant

the surgical transfer of clumps of skin with hair or of viable hair follicles to a bald area of the scalp.
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The technology has eliminated the drawbacks typically associated with traditional transplant methods, opening the door for a new age of hair transplant procedures.
TEHRAN, Dec 1 (KUNA) -- Hair transplant have become very popular among youth in Iran due to its high success rate, low cost and effectiveness in sustaining as well as retaining individuals' youthful looks.
Delray Beach Hair Transplant Center located in Palm Beach County, Florida announced today the addition of virtual consultations to their busy hair transplant / hair restoration practice.
Maybe in the future they will be better but till now human hand is a better solution to perform detailed job in hair transplant.
Hair transplant expert Dr Asim Shahmalak said Prince William and his brother Prince Harry will extremely have diminishing hair when they reach their 50s, (http://http//www.
In 2011, Wayne announced to fans he had undergone a hair transplant BEFORE procedure.
London, June 10 ( ANI ): Wayne Rooney underwent a 9-hour surgery at a private clinic this weekend for his second hair transplant.
Women from the Gulf are flocking to hair transplant experts as a lack of exposure to the sun is leaving them follicly challenged.
ISLAMABAD -- The demand for hair transplant and cosmetic surgeries is on rise in the country and the business is thriving and surgeons are getting inquiries not just from metros but from small cities as well.
The root of the problem If hair loss has reached the point of no return, where the hair has been pulled from the roots and permanently damaged, and where no underlying medical condition has been diagnosed, then a hair transplant may be your only option.
That was when I found out that Chief Sleazeball Calum Best had decided to get a hair transplant.