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Voluptuousness: unto all hair-shirted despisers of the body, a sting and stake; and, cursed as "the world," by all backworldsmen: for it mocketh and befooleth all erring, misinferring teachers.
As for their malawach, served 'sabich' style with grilled aubergine & egg -- anyone who accuses vegetarians of being hair-shirted need only take one giant bite of this buttery, flaky bread, the stuffing spilling deliciously messily: sheerest luxury.
Angela Hewitt, the Canadian pianist who has done so much to make the piano a respectable vehicle for baroque music (after decades of sniffiness from hair-shirted, muesli-eating harpsichord purists) kicks off proceedings tomorrow with a recital of picturesque miniatures by baroque composers Couperin and Rameau.
High savers should consume more, allowing the big spenders to export more and start living within their means without dooming them to hair-shirted stagnation.
This delay is especially unfortunate, as now, in more purse-lipped and hair-shirted times, such fiscal and formal extravagance begins to look like a classic noughties folic de grandeur: But whatever you think of Zaha Hadid (and it's clear from the latest round of notices that she still has polarising power), the building really only deserves to be judged when it finally comes on stream as a functioning art museum in spring next year.
Let us cast aside these hair-shirted Luddites, grasp new technology and make our own gas from waste, before someone cuts our supplies.