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Any of numerous butterflies of the subfamily Theclinae, having transverse streaks on the undersurface of the wings and fine, hairlike projections on the hind wings.


(Animals) any small butterfly of the genus Callophrys and related genera, having fringed wings marked with narrow white streaks: family Lycaenidae



any small, dark butterfly of the family Lycaenidae, having hairlike tails on the hind wings.
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Noun1.hairstreak - small butterflies having striped markings under the wingshairstreak - small butterflies having striped markings under the wings
lycaenid, lycaenid butterfly - any of various butterflies of the family Lycaenidae
genus Strymon, Strymon - large and widely distributed genus of hairstreak butterflies
Strymon melinus - larvae are pests of various economic plants
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The white-letter hairstreak butterfly, which has a distinctive W marking on the underside of its wing, is widespread in England and Wales, but has seen populations drop by almost three-quarters (72%) in the last decade.
html) white-letter hairstreak , has brown wings with white streaks, black spots and an orange edge.
The White-letter Hairstreak was caught on camera by Iain Cowe feeding in a field near Paxton in the Scottish Borders on Wednesday.
And sightings of the white letter hairstreak, a species teetering on the brink of extinction, has caused a flap among lepidopterists.
And sightings of the white letter hairstreak, a species teetering on the brink of extinction, had caused a flap among lepidopterists, the official name for those who study the insects.
New and revised life history of the Florida hairstreak Eumaeus atala (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) with notes on its current conservation status.
The grayling, white-letter hairstreak and white admiral, all found in South Wales, each recorded their worst ever years.
Wall, grayling, white-letter hairstreak and white admiral butterflies all also recorded their worst years in the survey, which has been running since 1976.
milk globe, pelvis, hairstreak feathering into this vertical life,
Great Thicket NWR responds to that need to preserve and manage land to benefit shrubland-dependent wildlife, such as the ruffed grouse, golden-winged warbler, box and spotted turtles, whippoorwill, blue-winged warbler and Hessels hairstreak.
Scientists re-created a nanostructure found on green hairstreak butterfly wings, Emily Conover reported in "Sorting out a butterfly's bright color, with a twist" (SN: 6/11/16, p.
6 Killaloo Wood, Co Derry/Londonderry In the River Faughan valley, now with upgraded paths and boasting spectacular oaks which are home to the rare purple hairstreak butterfly.