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n. Hawaii
A crown made of fresh flowers.

[Hawaiian, from haku, to put in order, make a wreath.]
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n, pl haku
(Animals) NZ another name for kingfish4
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He has also trained with the best and highest grades in the world - including Haku Michigami who was trained by the founder of judo Jigaro Kano - and has travelled all over the world improving his skills in and knowledge of the sport.
Liptov for kidsWater parks: Beseova, Liptovsky Jan, TatralandiaCaves: Harmanecka Cave, Demrnovska Caves, Stanisovska CaveTheme parks: Babyland, Bricklandia, Mini Slovakia, Obrovo - Land of Giants, Ovekoland Sheepland, Piesokovo Land of sand, Tatrapolis (amusement park),Other: Dom Naopak - Upside-Down House, Gallery Ilasia, Medvedia sta'la - Bear Mine Tunnel, Butterflies' Garden, Rybare na haku - Fishmonger on a Hook, Slovak Museum of Nature Protection and Speleology, Zoo Contact.In ZOO Contact, near the Tatralandia water park in Liptovsky Mikulas, central Slovakia, families can enter animal cages and meet baby bears, parrots, and lions.
But venture beneath the surface and you will discover a rich, verdant world of spirits, from Haku Vodka to the wildly popular Roku Gin.
Name to appear on the ballot BAES, TOKI (PDPLBN) readability="0 BARRAMEDA, ROCHELLE (LAKAS) DIOKNO, TETENG (PDPLBN) FACTOR, HAKU (PFP) readability="0 GABRIEL, PABLO JR.
For example, Beam Suntory recently launched the Japanese Vodka Haku, distilled in Kagoshima, Kyushu; the spirit is made from 100% Japanese white rice and filtered through bamboo charcoal.
I have many favourites in this category but will single out Tai Haku, the great white cherry, as one of the best.
The main four hand-drawn characters by Njood Alkharboush, the founder of Haku. (Supplied)
The company's signature red packaging was redesigned to incorporate a refreshed, modern aesthetic and a new trademark logo that features a haku lei atop the lion's head, reflecting Lion Coffee's rich local heritage.