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or Ha·la·khah also Ha·la·kah  (hä′lä-KHä′, hä-lä′KHə, -lô′-)
n. Judaism
The legal part of Talmudic literature, an interpretation of the laws of the Scriptures.

[Hebrew hălākâ, rule, tradition, from hālak, to go; see hlk in Semitic roots.]

Ha·lach′ic (hə-lä′KHĭk) adj.
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(Hebrew hɑlɑˈxɑː; Yiddish hɑˈloxə) ,




1. (Judaism)
a. Jewish religious law
b. a ruling on some specific matter
2. (Other Non-Christian Religious Writings)
a. that part of the Talmud which is concerned with legal matters as distinct from homiletics
b. Jewish legal literature in general
[from Hebrew hǎlākhāh way]
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(hɑˈlɔ xə, hɑ lɑˈxɑ)

n., pl. -la•khahs, -la•khoth, -la•khot (-lɑˈxɔt)
1. the body of Jewish law, comprising the oral law as transcribed in the Talmud and subsequent legal codes and rabbinical decisions.
2. a law or tradition established by the halakhah.
[1855–60; < Hebrew hălākhāh literally, way]
ha•la•khic (həˈlɑ xɪk, -ˈlæk ɪk) adj.
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Noun1.Halacha - Talmudic literature that deals with law and with the interpretation of the laws on the Hebrew Scriptures
Talmudic literature - (Judaism) ancient rabbinical writings
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When you think of all that we do in Judaism today -- Halacha, Zionism -- everything came from the Iberian Peninsula, from Spain," Perry continued.
Marzel's vision of Israel's future is one of a state run according to Jewish law, the Halacha, which aspires to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount and replace the mosques standing there today, while completely disregarding the insult to the Muslim world and the provocation that even contemplating such an action represents.
Prominent rabbis have argued that they were at odds with the Halacha, offensive to women, and harmful to men, while marriage guides within the Gur community have debated their rigidity and universal applicability.
A series of RCA resolutions against female clergy - resolutions reviewed and supported by the RCA's poskim, are based on Halacha and Mesorah, as further demonstrated at length by the rabbinic panel convened by the Orthodox Union.
Halacha is very specific: Even people in close proximity can't form a minyan with a wall between them, even a wall with an opening.
Campers look forward to their two daily chinuch shiurim, as they delve into Gemorah, Mishnah, Parsha, Mussar and Halacha, while being inspired by experienced and dynamic rebbeim, under the leadership of Rabbi Shalom Rosner.
a Jewish state is a state in which the values of Israel, Torah, Jewish heritage and the values of the Jewish halacha (religious law) are the bases of its values."" ('A State in Emergency', Ha'aretz, June 19, 2005.)[Quotation]
The CAIR letter says, "Just as it would be widely condemned as extremely inappropriate and indecent for the RNC to ask Americans if they are concerned about the potential spread of Catholic cannon law and Jewish Halacha, posing questions about the religious teachings practiced by American Muslims should be likewise condemned by the Republican Party.
While those who are not Muslim do not want to live under sharia law, so, too, those who are not Christian would not want our lives dictated by canon law or church policy, and those who are not Jewish would not want Halacha dictating our lives.
"Halacha file: The Keriat HaTorah of Rosh HaShana." http://www.koltorah.org/RAVJ/14-1%20The%20Keriat%20Hatorah%20of%20Rosh%20Hashana.htm (accessed June 30, 2017).
According to Jewish law or Halacha, non-Jews living under Jewish law, must be treated as "water carriers" and "wood hewers."
support), as according to 'Halacha' the man has to support his