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hale 1

adj. hal·er, hal·est
Free from infirmity or illness; sound. See Synonyms at healthy.

[Middle English, from Old English hāl; see kailo- in Indo-European roots.]

hale′ness n.

hale 2

tr.v. haled, hal·ing, hales
1. To compel to go: "In short order the human rights campaign was haled before a high court of indignation" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).
2. Archaic To pull, draw, drag, or hoist.

[Middle English halen, to pull, drag, from Old French haler, of Germanic origin; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -lers or -leru (-ləˌruː)
(Currencies) a variant of heller11
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(ˈhɑ lər)

n., pl. -lers, -le•ru (-ləˌru)
a monetary unit of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, equal to 1/100 of the koruna.
[1930–35; < Czech haléř < Middle High German haller, variant of heller former German coin]
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Noun1.haler - 100 halers equal 1 koruna Slovakiahaler - 100 halers equal 1 koruna Slovakia  
koruna - the basic unit of money in Czech Republic
Slovakian monetary unit - monetary unit in Slovakia
2.haler - 100 halers equal 1 koruna in Czech Republic
Czech monetary unit - monetary unit in Czech Republic
koruna - the basic unit of money in Czech Republic
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She found a denarius of Matej II from 1616, a denarius of Ferdinand II from 1626, 1627, 1630, a denarius of Leopold I from 1682, a 10-haler coin of Frantisek Jozef I from 1909 and a Czechoslovak haler from 1921.
Two minutes later, Ibrahim peared by my side, clutching my haler. He was barely tall enough reach the lightswitch in my droom, so I was stunned that T app inh to bed he'd managed to find the inhaler.
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The Supreme Court clarified this distinction in Haler v.
The child received medication administered through a baby haler (note: inhaler) that was new to the family.