half crown

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half′ crown′

a former British coin equal to two shillings and sixpence.
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Noun1.half crown - an English coin worth half a crownhalf crown - an English coin worth half a crown  
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
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Having borrowed the money our uncle would give all four of us a half crown. His gift to us.
Oddly enough, five shilling and half crown notes were produced during the Second World War in case of Nazi invasion, but thankfully they were never released into general circulation.
Upto 37 % of individuals had full crown visibility (score 1), whereas 42.4% had half crown visibility (score 2) and 17% were totally invisible (score 3).
But some people complained it was too easily confused with a 10p coin or half crown.
"I was really, really pleased and thought, 'This is the sport for me - the sport of kings.' "That was my first bet and I came to the conclusion that this was something that happened every time - you put your half crown on and you got more money back.
A Halfpenny B Florin C Half crown D Threepenny piece QUESTION 8 - for 8 points: Which weapon is traditionally associated with Neptune and Britannia?
Round four will take place at a neutral venue next month and Les Nomades are joined in the draw by Stockton Half Crown, who beat Solihull 4-1.
Do the words angel, half-angel, 'fine' sovereign, hammered coin, milled edge, ryal, half pound, or even half crown mean anything to you?
One of us would take the half crown at the entrance, give the customer a ticket, and he or she would then hand in that ticket at the other end of the grotto in order to get the lucky dip prize.
Following careful consumer research leading duckling product provider Cherry Valley has introduced two new offerings to its range: Honey Roast Half Crown Duck and Confit Duck Leg.
Her tiered illusion veil was attached to a half crown of pearls and sequins.
"All went well until I presented a half crown and a shilling at Euston station to pay for my 3/6d pint of what was loosely described as beer.