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Noun1.half door - an exterior door divided in two horizontallyhalf door - an exterior door divided in two horizontally; either half can be closed or open independently
exterior door, outside door - a doorway that allows entrance to or exit from a building
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'Mind you!' returned the other, stretching forward over the half door to throw his words into the bar; for his voice was as if the head of his boat's mop were down his throat; 'I say so, Miss Abbey!
Exactly at the closing hour, all the guests who were left, filed out in the best order: Miss Abbey standing at the half door of the bar, to hold a ceremony of review and dismissal.
Miss Burgoyne and her donkey were thrusting their heads in at the half door. "After all," he reflected, "there's small probability of her recognizing me.
So saying, Newman slipped into a tall empty closet which opened with two half doors, and shut himself up; intending to slip out directly Ralph was safe inside his own room.
The chefs and their award winning establishments are listed at the beginning of each chapter menu, including, John Ryan of the Dingle Skellig Hotel, Stella Doule of Doyle's (founder), Denis O'Connor, of the Half Door, Martin Bealin, of the Global Village, Anne Long of the Dingle Bay Hotel, Brian Heaton of Castlewood House, and Lee Sim of the Dingle Whiskey Distillery, plus many more.
Anna May is the subject of an in-depth interview on The Half Door, airing on Irish TV (Sky 131) at 8.30pm tonight.
The 78-year-old ex-minister will talk about her political and personal life in the latest episode of Irish TV's The Half Door.
The old Clubman famously had a quirky "Clubdoor" - a two-door arrangement with a third half door on the driver's side, which become unpopular among Brits for being unpractical.
The front of each pen has a full door that opens out with a built-in half door that opens downward.
For me, though, it is a little belter - offering all the advantages of its three-door sibling but with a worthwhile boot and, if anything, even more quirkiness and individuality courtesy of innovative features such as the distinctive half door.
This creature was looking at us over the top of a half door.
Sheila Marie Tobbe glanced down the corridor at the Thea Bowman Center, where people were gathering in front of a half door opening to a food pantry.