half duplex

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(Computers) arranged so that the information may be transmitted in both directions, but only in one direction at a time; - of communications channels between computers; contrasted with full duplex(a).
arranged so that the information transmitted to the remote computer also appears on the local terminal; - of communications channels between computers; contrasted with full duplex(b).

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In this section, amplify-and-forward (AF) adaptive relaying protocol for two-way half duplex system network over Rician fading channel is proposed and presented in Fig.
In the analysis of second and third scenarios signal rate will be increased as well related to the half duplex system.
2G testers, unfortunately, were designed for half duplex transceivers, devices that did not permit concurrent transmitter and receiver testing.
The connection is half duplex to make monitoring, reporting and controlling possible.
The model WSA-00241 is a dual-band receive-only (half duplex) TTLNA for macro or micro cellular AMPS/DAMPS/PCS1900 communication systems.
* Serial ATA Tunneling Protocol (STP) supports half duplex connections to the SATA devices attached to expanders.
An auto-negative function allows the controller to communicate with either 10Base- T or l00Base-T, full or half duplex devices.
* Half duplex: In half duplex mode, data can pass in either direction, but not simultaneously.
The three basic formats in two-way communications are simplex, half duplex, and full duplex.
Both have a 40-character buffer, and can operate at either full or half duplex. The HMD-2404M external modem can operate in either asynchronous or synchronous modes; the HMD-2404MP internal modem is asynchronous only.
The CA-SFC10 can operate on Full duplex mode or half duplex mode.