half life

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Noun1.half life - the time required for something to fall to half its initial value (in particular, the time for half the atoms in a radioactive substance to disintegrate)
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
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For example, if you put 10 tonnes of make-up water into your system, and every hour 1 tonne runs off as bleed water, this will determine the half life for your system.
Now, eight years on, the resulting labour of love - released for free over the internet - is an achievement that serves as a reminder of what a great game Half Life was and a chance for people who haven't played it to find out just why.
The MRT of lumefantrine and the half life phase-1 was reported first time in our study.
They estimated half life to be less than a year, 11 months.
Half Life 2: The Orange Box (Valve, Xbox36O, pounds 49.99)
Statistical analysis of means and linear regression trends for TCDD half life vs.
In some cases, human metabolism can differ markedly from animals so that a drug with a half life of a few hours in dogs may turn out to have a half life of several days in humans, or a compound with no animal toxicity may cause elevation in liver functions or a prolongation of QT interval in humans.