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Noun1.half mask - a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyeshalf mask - a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes
mask - a covering to disguise or conceal the face
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Eyewitnesses said that the sustpect had covered his face with a half mask, that was red in color, with holes cut in it for the eyes.
The witness described it as a "half mask" which had a hole for the eyes and nose and stops at the mouth where it is jagged to simulate teeth.
He said the flag of the kingdom was already flying at half mask, while a condolence register has been opened at the palace of Erhiekevwe.
The beard predominantly covers the bottom half of the face whereas the mask, often referred to as the half mask, tends to cover the top half of the face: both forms of mask generally leave the player's mouth and lips unobstructed.
JSP says its Force 8 half mask fitted with PressToCheck P3 Filters allows the wearer to close off the airflow in order to check the face fit every single time it is put on throughout the day, protecting the wearer from any inhalable dust (including very fine silica dust), particles or aerosols and PressToCheck is revolutionising workplace respiratory protection, and is rapidly replacing the inferior, often poorly-fitting, FFP3 disposable mask worldwide.
Respiratory protective devices used in sound attenuation measurement of earmuffs when they were worn simultaneously with respiratory protective devices: a) filtering half mask 3M 9312, b) filtering half mask FS-913, c) half mask 3M 6200, d) half mask 3M 7500, e) full face mask Honeywell Optifit, f) full face mask MSA Ultra Elite Fot.
That maybe I would find a distant island, a plastic surgeon, a white ceramic half mask and a Punjab lasso?
* Respiratory: Half mask or full facepiece respirator, filtering or powered air-purifying respirator, air-supplied helmet or hood.
I encourage students to only make a half mask, which is lighter and easier to wear than a full mask.
It is manufactured as a full mask with integrated eye protection or as a half mask for the bottom portion of the face.
3M, the innovative company recently introduced the 3MEoAaAo 3000 Series Reusable Half Mask respirators.