half sole

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half sole

A shoe sole that extends from the shank to the toe.
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half′ sole`

that part of the sole of a shoe or boot that extends from the shank to the end of the toe.


v.t. -soled, -sol•ing.
to repair or renew (a shoe or boot) by applying a new half sole.
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Half sole

1. See Shoe last discussion.
2. A wooden pole sometimes fastened to the bottom of a sled runner to protect it from the wear of sliding along the ground. The half sole could be much more easily replaced when it was worn than could the runner itself.
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Noun1.half sole - shoe sole extending from the shank to the toe
footgear, footwear - covering for a person's feet
sole - the underside of footwear or a golf club
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On the other hand, E-spring adds wave pattern structure material in the half sole making the shoes super flexible with excellent rebound capacity.
Neoorene half sole by Danshuz, for more info visit www.danshuz.com
A half sole replacement for a pair of ladies' shoes costs pounds 14.65, while gents will find themselves parting with pounds 22.95.