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Adj.1.half-clothed - inadequately clothedhalf-clothed - inadequately clothed      
unclothed - not wearing clothing
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During one of their walks a poor cot in the foldings of a vale attracted their notice as being singularly disconsolate, while the number of half-clothed children gathered about it spoke of penury in its worst shape.
The night, though dry and mild for the season, was more than sufficiently cold to make it dangerous for him to remain here long, in his half-clothed state.
Oh, how I longed at that time to be turned out--ME, eighteen years old, poor, half-clothed, turned out into the street, quite alone, without lodging, without work, without a crust of bread, without relations, without a single acquaintance, in some large town--hungry, beaten (if you like), but in good health--and THEN I would show them--
But then, strange to say, when I stood with my ragged shoes, and my dusty, sunburnt, half-clothed figure, in the place so long desired, it seemed to vanish like a dream, and to leave me helpless and dispirited.
A WOMAN described the moment she found the half-clothed body of a stabbed teenager in her back garden.
Her body was later found among the weeds off a nearby running path, bruised, battered and half-clothed. (http://www.ibtimes.com/karina-vetrano-update-police-prosecutors-ask-controversial-family-dna-testing-solve-2458024) Police mounted an extensive search for her killer before finally arresting Lewis in February.
The MTV show is back for a second series and once more will see a group of bikini-clad and half-clothed revellers party, hook up and argue on a desert island.
Her final bride threw a bouquet into the audience with a flourish, also half-clothed at the chest, but he was a guy.
Instead, the newspaper is a ragbag of half-clothed women, sexy stories, car accidents, and crime.
Of course, the other thing is I get to be in an act with women [and] they're half-clothed.
Forbes did not, however, elevate him above Barack Obama, Pope Francis and Xi Jinping on that basis, or because Putin enjoys being photographed half-clothed while seemingly accomplishing extraordinary physical feats.