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(hăf′our′, häf′-)
1. A period of 30 minutes.
2. The middle point of an hour: The clock chimes on the half-hour.

half′-hour′ly adv. & adj.
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Adj.1.half-hourly - occurring ever half hour
periodic, periodical - happening or recurring at regular intervals; "the periodic appearance of the seventeen-year locust"
Adv.1.half-hourly - every thirty minutes, every half hour


A. ADVcada media hora
B. ADJ at half-hourly intervalscada media hora


[ˌhɑːfˈaʊəlɪ] adj & advogni mezz'ora


(haːf) plural halves (haːvz) noun
1. one of two equal parts of anything. He tried to stick the two halves together again; half a kilo of sugar; a kilo and a half of sugar; one and a half kilos of sugar.
2. one of two equal parts of a game (eg in football, hockey) usually with a break between them. The Rangers scored three goals in the first half.
1. being (equal to) one of two equal parts (of something). a half bottle of wine.
2. being made up of two things in equal parts. A centaur is a mythical creature, half man and half horse.
3. not full or complete. a half smile.
1. to the extent of one half. This cup is only half full; It's half empty.
2. almost; partly. I'm half hoping he won't come; half dead from hunger.
a half-dozen; a half-kilo of tea.
halve (haːv) verb
1. to divide (something) into two equal parts. He halved the apple.
2. to make half as great as before; to reduce by half. By going away early in the year, we nearly halved the cost of our holiday.
ˌhalf-and-ˈhalf adverb, adjective
in equal parts. We can split the costs between us half-and-half.
ˈhalf-back noun
in football, hockey etc, (a player in) a position directly behind the forwards.
ˈhalf-brother, ˈhalf-sister nouns
a brother or sister by one parent only. My father has been married twice, and I have two half-brothers.
ˈhalf-caste noun
a person whose father and mother are of different races, especially white and black.
ˌhalf-ˈhearted adjective
not eager; done without enthusiasm. a half-hearted cheer/attempt.
ˌhalf-ˈheartedly adverb
ˌhalf-ˈheartedness noun
ˌhalf-ˈholiday noun
a part of a day (usually the afternoon) during which no work is done. the school-children were given a half-holiday to celebrate the football team's success.
ˌhalf-ˈhourly adjective, adverb
done etc every half-hour. at half-hourly intervals; The buses to town run half-hourly.
ˌhalf-ˈterm noun
(the period when students are given) a holiday about the middle of a term. We get a week's holiday at half-term; (also adjective) a half-term holiday.
ˌhalf-ˈtime noun
a short rest between two halves of a game (of football etc). the players ate oranges at half-time.
ˌhalf-ˈway adjective, adverb
of or at a point equally far from the beginning and the end. We have reached the half-way point; We are half-way through the work now.
ˈhalf-wit noun
a fool or idiot.
ˌhalf-ˈwitted adjective
foolish or idiotic.
ˌhalf-ˈyearly adjective, adverb
done etc every six months. a half-yearly report; We balance our accounts half-yearly.
at half mast
(of flags) flying at a position half-way up a mast etc to show that someone of importance has died. The flags are (flying) at half mast.
by half
by a long way. He's too clever by half.
do things by halves
to do things in an incomplete way. He never does things by halves.
go halves with
to share the cost with.
half past three/four/seven etc ,(American) half after three etc
at thirty minutes past the hour stated. I'm leaving at half past six.
in half
in(to) two equal parts. He cut the cake in half; The pencil broke in half.
not half
a slang expression for very much. `Are you enjoying yourself?' `Not half!'