a volume equal to 500 cubic centimeters.
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Each kilogram of LNP Elcrin iQ resin uses up to 67 post-consumer half-liter PET water bottles.
Each farmer will receive a half-liter of the organic liquid fertilizer, which will be adequate to spray on one-fourth to one-half hectare of ricefield.
Nestle Waters North America is in the process of adding the How2Recyle label on the half-liter bottles of its Nestle Pure Life, Poland Spring, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Zephyrhills, Ozarka and Arrowhead brands.
"Consumers are looking to trade up from that $5 and $6 half-liter bottle world.
The beer is available in the traditional half-liter bottles (20 per cs) as well as 30-liter kegs.
Creating a half-liter bottle of a sweetened soft drink swallows between 170 and 310 liters of water, Hoekstra's group has calculated.
Then they refilled them in half-liter cans, packed them and put a nylon sticker on each of them to identify it as the holy water without giving any details of who packed them.
The Indian press notes that a half-liter container of Haagen-Dazs runs about 625 Rupees, or about $13.50.
Our sleeping quarters were at the railway station, and we ate across the street at a restaurant operated by the 5th Army, where we were able to purchase a half-liter of wine for 15 cents.
PepsiCo's Aquafina bottled water is launching the Eco-Fina Bottle, the lightest half-liter bottle of any nationally distributed bottled water brand in the market.
A half-liter takes 48 seconds; one liter takes 90, and the LCD display not only tells you when you're done, but reveals lamp and battery status.