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(hăf′sōl′, häf′-)
tr.v. half-soled, half-sol·ing, half-soles
To fit or repair with a half sole.


(Clothing & Fashion) a sole from the shank of a shoe to the toe
(Clothing & Fashion) (tr) to replace the half-sole of (a shoe)

half′ sole`

that part of the sole of a shoe or boot that extends from the shank to the end of the toe.


v.t. -soled, -sol•ing.
to repair or renew (a shoe or boot) by applying a new half sole.
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A half-sole suede shoe suitable for modern dance or acrobatics, with a reinforcement between the large and second toe, is available from Angelo Luzio in beige and black (style HO3).
99 for leather-soled ballet shoes or half-sole lyric shoes and go as high as $110 for double-soled tap shoes.
Soak the half-sole or leather piece for 10 minutes in tepid water.