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(hăf′tĭm′bərd, häf′-) also half-tim·ber (-bər)
Having a wooden framework, often exposed, with brick, stone, wattle and daub, or other material filling the spaces.




(Architecture) (of a building, wall, etc) having an exposed timber framework filled with brick, stone, or plastered laths, as in Tudor architecture
ˌhalf-ˈtimbering n


or half′-tim′ber,

(of a building) having the frame and principal supports of timber and the interstices filled in with masonry, plaster, or the like.
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Adj.1.half-timbered - having exposed wood framing with spaces filled with masonry, as in Tudor architecture
timbered - furnished with or made of wood or timbers; "timbered walls"


[ˌhɑːfˈtɪmbəd] ADJcon entramado de madera
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And close at hand came the village: the small church, with its red-tiled roof, looking humble even among the faded half-timbered houses; the old green gravestones with nettles round them; nothing fresh and bright but the children, opening round eyes at the swift post-chaise; nothing noisy and busy but the gaping curs of mysterious pedigree.
The village of Birlstone is a small and very ancient cluster of half-timbered cottages on the northern border of the county of Sussex.
Garth was not at the office, and Fred rode on to his house, which was a little way outside the town--a homely place with an orchard in front of it, a rambling, old-fashioned, half-timbered building, which before the town had spread had been a farm-house, but was now surrounded with the private gardens of the townsmen.
He was about to get down and lead his horse through the damp dirt of the hollow farmyard, shadowed drearily by the large half-timbered buildings, up to the long line of tumble-down dwelling-houses standing on a raised causeway; but the timely appearance of a cowboy saved him that frustration of a plan he had determined on,--namely, not to get down from his horse during this visit.
Sophie looked at the close turf, scarred only with last night's wheels, at two ruts which wound round a rickyard, and at the circle of still orchard about the half-timbered house.
about 5 m 3 , - demolition of masonry as partial demolition measure in the listed building, partly in half-timbered walls about 115 m 3 , - demolition of masonry as partial demolition measure in the listed building, chimneys approx.
Built in the Domestic Revival and Queen Anne style, half-timbered with ornamental red brick facings and carvings, the house includes oak joinery, ornate plastered ceilings and stained-glass windows.
Redbrick is common in northern Germany, while Sauerland is home to a lot of black and white half-timbered buildings.
Soane's praise of Vanbrugh's architecture is refreshing as it denies what has become the conventional association--dismally represented by Stratford-upon-Avon--between the world of Shakespeare and half-timbered neo-Tudor architecture.
There was no indication of the cause or immediate sign of suspicious origin of the blaze, which left the half-timbered building partly collapsed, authorities say.
Although we may picture half-timbered houses and Little Mermaids when we think of Denmark, the country is equally famous for modern design.
But everyone can enjoy the town's quaint half-timbered black and white buildings.