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"He don't know but I know," he shouted, stopping to gaze down into the dumb, unresponsive face of the half-wit. "I know too well.
Elmer Cowley ran out of the woods leaving the half-wit sitting on the log before the fire.
"The fool priest will upset the whole work to which I have devoted near twenty years," he muttered, "if I find not the means to quiet his half-wit tongue.
There he began to think less about the half-wit, with his livid face and mouth like a fish.
"When I see a Texan half-wit posing with the lion he has shot, I feel a fierce need to peel him" Jeremy Clarkson.
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Your every utterance is a tedious, pointless waste of oxygen, you boring little half-wit.
However, he faces bother when his lazy half-wit brother tags along.
Shortly after the president ( tweeted Thursday that his daughter Ivanka Trump would be leading the delegation at the summit, Bobby Ghosh, the editor-in-chief of Hindustan Times, a Delhi-based national daily, tweeted about an unnamed Indian diplomat telling him "we regard Ivanka the way we regard half-wit Saudi Princes."
Nise is the cultured academic one and Finea the beautiful "half-wit" who cannot read, write or dance.
Unsurprisingly, JB doesn't look like he's enjoying himself, and I expect the horse wasn't too happy either with having that half-wit on its back.