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'Hallo!' he called out, 'what are you doing down there?'
'Hallo!' he shouted to him, 'what are you aiming at?
'Hallo!' he shouted to him, 'why are you carrying wood through a forest?'
And hallo you!" said Jerry, more hoarsely than before.
"Hallo!" continued Caderousse, half-rising, and with his fist on the table, "hallo, Edmond!
Hallo! Put a flask of wine and the largest pipe in the little vaulted room behind the hall."
Hello comes from the British hullo which was derived from hallo or holla/ hollo, and was a shout to attract attention that had been used since 1400.
He even changed the spelling from 'hallo' or 'hullo', both of which were in common use at the time, to 'hello' for specific telephonic use.
Keep right on to the end of the road - obdruati pravico, da na koncu poti DUTCH / FLEMISH (AS SPOKEN IN NORTHERN BELGIUM) Hello - hallo Thank you - dank u How much is a beer please?
IN reply to the recent letter by a reader headed Hallo we' en Horror, I can understand how she felt regarding her two children.
HALLO DANDY proved to be one that got away for Grand National legend Ginger McCain, who in 1977 - the year Red Rum won his third National - was sent the future Aintree hero as an unbroken three-year-old, writes Andrew Scutts.
Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp is located on the Pacific Coast of Katmai National Park within one of the largest natural concentrations of brown bears in Alaska.