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(word root) salt
Examples of words with the root halo-: halophyte
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or hal-
1. Salt: halophyte.
2. Halogen: halocarbon.

[French, from Greek, from hals, hal-, salt, sea; see sal- in Indo-European roots.]
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or before a vowel


combining form
1. indicating salt or the sea: halophyte.
2. (Elements & Compounds) relating to or containing a halogen: halothane.
[from Greek hals, hal- sea, salt]
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(ˈheɪ loʊ)

n., pl. -los, -loes, n.
1. Also called nimbus. the representation, as in pictures or statuary, of a radiant light, usu. in the shape of a disk, ring, or rayed form, above or around the head of a divine, holy, or greatly exalted personage.
2. something suggesting such a light or shape.
4. any of a variety of bright circles or arcs centered on the sun or moon, caused by the refraction or reflection of light by ice crystals suspended in the earth's atmosphere (disting. from corona).
5. to surround with a halo.
6. to form a halo.
[1555–65; < Latin, acc. of halōs circle round sun or moon < Greek hálōs orig., disk, threshing floor]


a combining form meaning “salt” (halophyte), “halogen” (halothane).
[< Greek, comb. form of háls salt]
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