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Noun1.haloalkane - organic compound in which halogen atoms have been substituted for hydrogen atoms in an alkane
haloform - compounds with the formula CHX3, where X is a halogen atom
organic compound - any compound of carbon and another element or a radical
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In this work, the bacterial proteins of interest were tagged with a HaloTag, a modified haloalkane dehalogenase that covalently binds to synthetic Halo-ligands (haloalkanes) that can be fluorescently labeled, thus allowing more robust detection of bait protein binding to interactors present on the array.
For instance, in the case of Exp-DI, the mean PD results of haloalkane (n = 17) fell in the range of 30.2% (BP) to 35.9% (MW), while those of aromatic (n = 24) fell in the range of 28.3% (CN) to 31.2% (MW).
Organophosphorus hydrolases, carbamate hydrolases, haloalkane dehalogenases, and serine proteases, for example, have been shown to degrade various chemical warfare agents, pesticides and harmful microbes.
The improved correlation presented here is shown to be in good agreement with data from 39 sources for 22 fluids that include water, halocarbon refrigerants (chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, and haloalkane), hydrocarbon refrigerants, and a variety of organics; tube diameters from 2 to 49 mm; flow rates from 4 to 820 kg/[m.sup.2]*s, and reduced pressures from 0.0008 to 0.9.