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 (hăl′ō-pĕr′ĭ-dôl′, -dŏl′, -dōl′)
An antipsychotic drug, C21H23ClFNO2, often administered in its decanoate form, used in the treatment of schizophrenia and in the management of Tourette syndrome.

[halo- + (pi)perid(ine) + -ol.]
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(Pharmacology) a strong sedative that is used as a remedial treatment in several medical conditions including Tourette's syndrome and senile dementia
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(ˌhæl oʊˈpɛr ɪˌdɔl, -ˌdɒl)

a major antipsychotic agent, C21H23ClFNO2, used esp. in the management of schizophrenia and severe anxiety.
[1955–60; halo- + (pi) perid (ine) + -ol1]
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Noun1.haloperidol - tranquilizer (trade name Haldol) used to treat some psychotic disorders and Tourette's syndrome
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n haloperidol m
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Haloperidol and ziprasidone for treatment of delirium in critical illness.
We sought to determine whether coadministration of haloperidol can reduce the adverse effects attributed to ketamine while keeping its desired effects on CRBD.
Critically ill patients in intensive care units do not benefit from two antipsychotic drugs (haloperidol and ziprasidone) used to treat delirium, according to a clinical trial conducted by researchers led by E.
Catalepsy was produced by injection haloperidol 1 mg/kg intraperitoneally half an hour after the pretreatment with test drug or half an hour after pretreatment with vehicle (distilled water) for control.
The oversight led to a confirmed report of a child ingesting haloperidol from a blister pack.
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Haloperidol is believed to principally act as a potent dopaminergic antagonist and is one of the most widely prescribed conventional antipsychotic drugs [18].
There was robust discussion on the use of haloperidol in delirium, after University of Technology Sydney's professor Jane Phillips shared her work on non-pharmacological interventions to improve pain, breathlessness and delirium.
Therefore, our contribution presents data on possible effective treatments to mitigate acute effects: the use of haloperidol and capsaicin.
A 45-year-old married Hindu female, non-smoker, non hypertensive and non diabetic, was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, for which she was maintaining well on tablet haloperidol 20 mg/day for the last 5 years.