(ˈhæv ərz, ˈhɑ vərz)

Chiefly Dial. halves.
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RING IN CHANGES I will be otherwise engaged if someone pops the question: "Will we go halvers on the engagement ring?
org) ginger-tailed trailing edge glacier pine recipiangle (W2) glummerins (from summerling (W2) glummerin) go in halvers overlashing (W2) golondrina lion dragon (W2) grab dinner brandering, rebranding (W2), ring bander (W2) great doin's designator green strip perstringe grind organ ranging-rod (OED) ground tea outranged groundswine undersowing hame string nightmares hare tangle Earth Angel (US doowop song by the Penguins from 1954; en.
By chance, she ends up at Castle Halvers, a spooky, isolated mansion owned by James Reid and his beautiful "but odd" wife Arabella.
He made an arrangement with the Salvation Army next door to go halvers on hiring a Sri Lankan refugee to clean up the trash in the alley between the two buildings at slightly more than the minimum wage.
It uses a technique for exaggerating signal amplitude frequency delay differences to take advantage of the phenomena of small signal suppression and threshold effects from limiting amplifiers and frequency Halvers [TM], respectively.
They sould; after all, Frank Washam and I went halvers on our first bullet mould three decades ago and learned the cast-bullet game together.
LIKE everybody else the credit crunch seems to be taking its toll on Sarah Morrissey and Kevin Doyle as they had to go halvers on a milkshake yesterday.