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A baboon (Papio hamadryas) of northern Africa and Arabia, the adult male of which has a heavy mane. Also called sacred baboon.

[Latin, hamadryad; see hamadryad.]
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(Animals) a baboon, Papio (or Comopithecus) hamadryas, of Arabia and NE Africa, having long silvery hair on the head, neck, and chest: regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians: family Cercopithecidae. Also called: hamadryas baboon or sacred baboon
[C19: via New Latin from Latin; see hamadryad]
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The behaviour was first noted at the zoo a few years ago, when a female hamadryas baboon was seen using a bristle from an old broom to floss.
Charlotte Morgan, an animal behaviour student at the University of Exeter, spotted the primates cleaning between their teeth at Paignton Zoo Environmental The behaviour was first noted at the zoo a few years ago, when a female hamadryas baboon was seen using a bristle from an old broom to floss.
hamadryas and Papio cynocephalus), before diverging from African STLV-1 strains of which strains from Sierra Leonean common chimpanzee, CH (Pan troglodytes) are among.
Mas tarde experimentaria lo contrario mientras hacia mi proyecto de mariposas Hamadryas en el Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute en Panama.
mulatta, Sapajus apella, Chlorocebus aethiops, and Papio hamadryas) were vaccinated during October-December 2015.
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a 20-minute walk up and down." The bridge's debut coincides with the recent opening of the first phase of Africa Rocks, an 8-acre, $68 million project that will eventually be home to birds, reptiles, plants and mammals native to Africa, including Hamadryas baboons, West African dwarf crocodiles, vervet monkeys, baboons and lemurs.
Circulatory adaptation to pregnancy-serial studies of haemodynamics, blood volume, renine and aldosterone in the baboon (Papio hamadryas).
Witnessing reconciliation reduces arousal of bystanders in a baboon group (Papio hamadryas hamadryas).