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Noun1.hamburger bun - a round bun shaped to hold a hamburger pattyhamburger bun - a round bun shaped to hold a hamburger patty
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
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Then the group was offered a tour of the hamburger bun and English muffin mass production lines and a tasting of the freshly baked muffins.
A sloppy joe is a sandwich made with ground meat, most commonly beef, onion, tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce and is served in a hamburger bun. Keema pav is a similar dish in India cuisine which resembles sloppy joe.
Dubbed "Fast Food Furniture," the collection is a smorgasbord of backyard barbecue staples: a sofa shaped like a hot-dog bun, complete with a tubular frank cushion and adorned with an artful "smear" of mustard; an armchair styled like an open hamburger bun; and several vegetal throw pillows resembling gherkins, tomatoes, and sliced cucumbers.
The Devastator Burger features 18oz of beef patties, topped with 200 grams of pulled pork, six rashers of bacon, and six slices of cheese, all sandwiched in a hamburger bun.
(4) Put the pulled pork on a hamburger bun. (5) Put the barbecue sauce on it.
Fun fact: According to the company's website, Englebert Franz developed the first hamburger bun in 1926.
The flies were so sleepy that once they found a food source, they slept right on top of it for days-like falling asleep on a giant hamburger bun and waking up long enough to take a few nibbles before falling back to sleep.
However, when the nutritional value of the McDonald's[R] hamburger bun and wrap are compared to the nutritional value of 100% whole wheat hamburger buns and wraps, the difference in the grams of fibre was relatively minimal (e.g., 1 g of fibre in McDonald's[R] hamburger bun compared to 2 g of fibre in a standard commercial 100% whole wheat hamburger bun).
They offered a hamburger bun pan--recipe included--that lifted our culinary spirits to such a pinnacle that we knew we had to get it.
Cut each hamburger bun in half, this will give you 4 halves.
the limp pickles off the pale inside of her hamburger bun.
Unless your idea of a bagel is a hamburger bun with a hole in it, you've got to go to a bagel shop to get a real bagel.