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Noun1.hamelia - any of several flowering tropical or subtropical shrubs of the genus Hamelia
genus Hamelia - evergreen tropical American shrubs or small trees
coloradillo, Hamelia erecta, Hamelia patens, scarlet bush, scarlet hamelia - handsome shrub with showy orange to scarlet or crimson flowers; Florida and West Indies to Mexico and Brazil
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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Tenders are invited for ploughing the ground and supply of selection no.1 grass doob grass, jamuna sand, ficus panda, ficus benjamina and hamelia patens at saket sports complex.
The shrubs implanted during the drive were Ficus hawi, Bougainvillea, Casia glauca, Plambago, Hypericum, Hamelia pattens, Jatropha, Erithrina blacki, Hibiscus, Psuedonia, Silvery, Duranta, Roses.
Other adults of both color morphs were found feeding on 2 different host plants in the courtyard: firebush (Hamelia patens Jacq.) (Rubiaceae) (Fig.
Daniel., Chrysophyllum mexicanum Brandegee in Standl., Hura poliandra Baill., Tragia yucatanensis Millsp., Bursera simaruba (L.) Sarg., Hamelia patens Jacq., Hymenocallis occidentalis, Echites yucatanensis Millsp.
146 Lamiaceae Clinopodium brownei 147 Rubiaceae Hamelia patens 148 Selaginellaceae Selaginella calceolata 149 Lycopodiaceae Lycopodium sp.
Amor seco Rubiaceae Hamelia patens (Jacq) Ponasi Sapindaceae Cupania americana L Guara Cupania cubensis Masa e.t Molt Guara amarilla Cupania glabra (Sw) Guara de costa Cupania macrophylla A.Rich Guara comun Sapotaceae Colacarpum sapota (Jacq) Merr.
75 Hamelia patens Jacq., Psychotria erecta (Aubl.) Standley & Steyerm, P.
Improvement of propagation by hardwood cuttings with or without using plastic tunnel in Hamelia patens.
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