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An extensive upland desert surface consisting either of bare bedrock or of bedrock covered by a thin layer of pebbles.

[Arabic ḥammāda.]
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For two days we were riding on various terrains: dunes, hammada (stony desert), endless plains of hard, dried soil and what the locals call "fis-fis", powdery soft sand.
There are traps there in folded and faulted structures, as in the case of the Hammada al-Hamra Basin to the north.
Fredolia aretioides Chou-fleur du desert-Aknoud Hammada scoparia Saligne a balai-Tissait Apiaceae Bupleurum atlanticum Buplevre Murb.
Le present travail a pour objectif d'etudier le role de la mise en defens pour la rehabilitation du parcours steppique a Hammada scoparia ainsi que la remontee biologique des especes vegetales.
x -- -- -- -- Dactylido hispanicae-Lygeetum sparti x x -- -- -- Suaedo verae-Salsoletum oppositifoliae x x -- -- -- Atriplici glaucae-Hammadetum articulatae x x -- -- -- Helianthemo almeriensis-Sideritidetum x -- -- -- -- pusillae Anabasio hispanicae-Euzomodendretum x -- -- -- -- bourgeani Taxa Hammada articulata x x -- -- -- Suaeda pruinosa x x -- -- -- Plantago ovata x x -- -- -- Whitania frutescens x -- -- -- -- Euzomodendron bourgaeanum x -- -- -- -- Anthyllis terniflora x -- -- -- -- Salsola papillosa x -- -- -- -- Forsskaolea tenacissima x -- -- -- -- Table 9.
The area lying at 500-600 m effects a transition between Saharan margins mainly covered by Hammada scoparia and a steppe dominated by Aristida pungens.
Protective effects of aqueous extract of hammada scoparia against hepatotoxicity induced by ethanol in the rat.
The mall was given the green light by former council chairman Mohammed Hammada during the council's two-month summer recess in July 2007 without a council vote.
Charmes par l'ouverture du bal dont l'animation a ete assuree par le jeune et talentueux Hassan Bousboula, les spectateurs ont eu droit en prelude a une projection d'un film documentaire realise par Abdelkader Ben Dmeche, retracant l'histoire de la chanson bedouine oranaise et les poetes de renommee mondiale qui ont fait d'elle un cachet tres special, voire original, comme Cheikh El Jilali Ain Tadless, Cheikh Hammada, Aissa El Djarmouni, Khelifi Ahmed et tant d'autres.
Wael Hammada, Zeitouneh's husband who was previously detained by government forces for opposition activism, and two other VDC activists, Nazim Hamadi and Samira Khalil, were also kidnapped when gunmen stormed the VDC headquarters in the Damascus suburb of Douma around 10 a.
Egypt's Hammada Mohammad had earlier set the tone for the evening when he ran 1:46.
An electrical engineering junior Dina Hammada said: "Having a large number of local and international companies attending a single event is an amazing opportunity for those of us in our third or fourth year of university seeking internships and full-time employment.