hammer away

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w>hammer away

vi(darauflos)hämmern; to hammer away at an issuesich (dat)über eine Frage den Kopf zerbrechen; the politicians were hammering away at each otherdie Politiker hackten aufeinander herum; his heart was hammering awaysein Herz pochte wild; the pianist hammered away at the keysder Pianist hämmerte auf die Tasten
References in classic literature ?
As not one of the natives had soul enough in him to stand up like a man, and allow me to hammer away at him, for my own personal gratification and that of the king, I was necessitated to fight with an imaginary enemy, whom I invariably made to knock under to my superior prowess.
You hammer away with questions about her gay dad, her gay husband.
The controls are fairly standard but nice and responsive and it's a blast to hammer away at the scumbags on the streets.
If you tried to hammer away at one facet of a side's play, whoever you were up against, you would probably fall flat on your face.
The girl got the hammer away from him, scratched him, and screamed as she eventually escaped and ran out the front door, according to the lawsuit.
Tracing a line back to the legendary Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Athens 2004 sees you hammer away at joypad buttons while timing take-offs and so on.
I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people turn up on the range with just a driver and hammer away with no real swing thoughts.
This is the question I ponder as I hammer away at my joypad in order to make my cyclist go faster than the others.
Since taking office, he has used every weapon at his disposal to hammer away at the church-state wall.
Females are hard to impress so males seek out old, hollow trees and hammer away loudly as with their reinforced beaks and skulls.
Armed with a few questionable studies, some acid-tongued rhetoric, and vague allusions to the War on Terrorism, the anti-gun lobby is expected to hammer away relentlessly at the capital's most prominent Second Amendment stalwart, Attorney General John Ashcroft.
As we all know, stress can also become chronic when the everyday battles you fight at work, on the road, and at home hammer away at your peace of mind.