hammer home

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يقوم بجهودٍ كبيرَه للإقناع
dokopat k pochopení
hamre ind i hovedet på
leggja ofuráherslu á
büyük çaba göstermek

w>hammer home

vt sep
nailfest hineinschlagen
argument, point etcNachdruck verleihen (+dat), → untermauern; he tried to hammer it home to the pupils that …er versuchte, den Schülern einzubläuen or einzuhämmern, dass…
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(ˈhӕmə) noun
1. a tool with a heavy usually metal head, used for driving nails into wood, breaking hard substances etc. a joiner's hammer.
2. the part of a bell, piano, clock etc that hits against some other part, so making a noise.
3. in sport, a metal ball on a long steel handle for throwing.
1. to hit, beat, break etc (something) with a hammer. He hammered the nail into the wood.
2. to teach a person (something) with difficulty, by repetition. Grammar was hammered into us at school.
give (someone) a hammering
to hammer (= beat) (a person). His father gave him a hammering for stealing.
hammer home
to make great efforts to make a person realize. We'll have to hammer home to them the importance of secrecy.
hammer out
to produce (an agreement etc) with a great deal of effort and discussion. to hammer out a solution.
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This new crackdown is needed to hammer home the message for those with a poor attitude to road safety.
It's critical to hammer home the message that fostering is an opportunity for many.
For Garry, this is a journey that will hammer home the fact his jail sentence is looming and he will soon have to leave his son, Gwern.
Hammer Home won his Newmarket maiden at a time when Brian Meehan's string weren't firing.
The two Super League big hitters were out to hammer home their title credentials and Sneddon reckons both sides did exactly that.
The starting XV from Croke Park met for a three-day training camp in Yorkshire last week and were put through tough conditioning sessions, doing 18 repetitions to hammer home the number of penalties England conceded in Ireland.
The time has surely come for the Government to do something serious about this and hammer home the message that the sun kills just like cigarettes and alcohol do.