hammer out

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hammer out

vb (tr, adverb)
1. to shape or remove with or as if with a hammer
2. to form or produce (an agreement, plan, etc) after much discussion or dispute
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Verb1.hammer out - discuss vehemently in order to reach a solution or an agreement; "The leaders of the various Middle Eastern countries are trying to hammer out a peace agreement"
hash out, talk over, discuss - speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion; "We discussed our household budget"
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berja saman
anlaşmaya varmakzorlukla bir karara varmak

w>hammer out

vt sep
metalhämmern; nail, bricks(her)ausschlagen or -klopfen; dentausbeulen
(fig) plan, agreement, solutionausarbeiten, aushandeln; difficultiesbeseitigen, bereinigen; verseschmieden; tunehämmern
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(ˈhӕmə) noun
1. a tool with a heavy usually metal head, used for driving nails into wood, breaking hard substances etc. a joiner's hammer.
2. the part of a bell, piano, clock etc that hits against some other part, so making a noise.
3. in sport, a metal ball on a long steel handle for throwing.
1. to hit, beat, break etc (something) with a hammer. He hammered the nail into the wood.
2. to teach a person (something) with difficulty, by repetition. Grammar was hammered into us at school.
give (someone) a hammering
to hammer (= beat) (a person). His father gave him a hammering for stealing.
hammer home
to make great efforts to make a person realize. We'll have to hammer home to them the importance of secrecy.
hammer out
to produce (an agreement etc) with a great deal of effort and discussion. to hammer out a solution.
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References in classic literature ?
'Just you give me my hammer out of that,' says Durdles, 'and I'll show you.'
TONY Blair hit back at Europe's old political elite yesterday over their failure to hammer out a budget deal.
But boss Jim Jefferies is currently involved in talks with Rousset to hammer out a long- term contract.