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1. A wrestling hold in which the opponent's arm is pulled behind the back and twisted upward.
2. Overwhelming dominance: has a hammerlock on market share.


(Wrestling) a wrestling hold in which a wrestler twists his opponent's arm upwards behind his back


or ham′mer lock`,

a wrestling hold in which one arm of an opponent is twisted and forced upward behind the opponent's back.
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Noun1.hammerlock - a wrestling hold in which the opponent's arm is twisted up behind his back
lock - any wrestling hold in which some part of the opponent's body is twisted or pressured
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For myself when I look at you an' know all the happiness you got a hammerlock on.
Why, say, when I got to the spot where I picked her up, and stopped the train for her to get off, she just flopped down on her knees, got a hammerlock with her arms around my knees, and cried all over my shoes.
The Americans had taken a 3-0 lead and put a hammerlock on the game despite having generated two fewer shots on goal than Slovakia.
Unfortunately, Gargano was just at the wrong place at the wrong time as Almas pushed him to the ring post while they were on the ring apron and nailed the killer running double knee smash and followed it up with the elevated hammerlock DDT to score the three-count.
He used his fists to keep order; as he put it later, he wound up hitting one newspaperman "squarely in the puss" and putting a hammerlock on a paratrooper who was "threatening everybody with his Sten gun to make them give him champagne.
FOR A LONG WHILE, CONSERVATIVES have been in the business of lamenting the hammerlock that liberalism has on the American academy.
2016 is very different: The GOP candidates are stronger overall, there's no one with Romney's hammerlock on money and endorsements, and Donald Trump and Ben Carson have more staying power than Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain.
struck in chest by hook and hammerlock, common law applied); Edith Cowan
A small number of big-money donors with their usually narrow, self-serving agendas have now gained hammerlock control over our already bought and paid-for Congress.
Memorable scene: The rough and tumble moment where Michael Caine gets Lord Olivier in a hammerlock and feigns arresting him.
Suggested alternative: McConaughey gets the redneck in a hammerlock in the supermarket
Publix Super Markets' migratory northern expansion of its Florida hammerlock, the latest example of which finds a third store underway in the Charlotte, N.