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n. pl. ham·u·li (-lī′)
A small hooklike projection or process, as at the end of a bone.

[Latin hāmulus, diminutive of hāmus, hook.]
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n, pl -li (-ˌlaɪ)
(Biology) biology a hook or hooklike process at the end of some bones or between the fore and hind wings of a bee or similar insect
[C18: from Latin: a little hook, from hāmus hook]
ˈhamular, ˈhamuˌlate, ˈhamuˌlose, ˈhamulous adj
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(ˈhæm yə ləs)

n., pl. -li (-ˌlaɪ)
a small hooklike process, esp. at the end of a bone.
[1720–30; < Latin, =hām(us) hook + -ulus -ule]
ham′u•lar, ham′u•late`, ham′u•lose`, ham′u•lous, adj.
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Similarly, the anterior hamuli continue to develop, allowing the parasite to attach more efficiently to the fish epidermis (Whittington & Ernst, 2002).
Overall, the mean of populations for head height width, proboscis length, thorax length, abdomen length, fore wing length width, cubital index, hind wing length width, number of hamuli, coxa length, trochanter length, femur length, tibia length and metatarsus length width were found to be 3.190.10 3.680.09 mm, 6.290.06 mm, 4.260.20 mm, 5.910.93 mm, 9.130.18 3.000.08 mm, 2.200.36, 6.380.14 1.800.05 mm, 20.881.32, 1.100.09 mm, 0.790.10 mm, 2.450.10 mm, 2.910.13 mm and 1.920.07 1.080.07 mm.
discus hamuli Dual 10 s-100 s m (minor storm) ([dagger]) [less than or equal to] 3 km (typhoon) ([dagger]) [less than or equal to] 26 km (relatively calm) ([double dagger]) [less than or equal to] 60 km (stormy) ([double dagger]) <10 s m->100 s m H.
Los machos son negros, alados, de 9.0 mm en promedio, con una amplitud de 8.8 a 13.5 mm de largo; su mesosoma es convexo y liso, sus alas posteriores tienen 20 o mas hamuli o ganchos con los que se unen al ala anterior; la volsella o apendice reproductor tiene pilosidad densa y erecta a lo largo del margen ventral y es finamente denticulada a lo largo del margen posterior; el adeago o falo tiene mas que 20 denticulos en el margen ventral.
Sharp localised pain in the hamular region and elongated hamuli will be evident as a firm swelling or enlargement under the mucosa of the soft palate on palpation
YVES HAMULI KABUMBA, Docteur en sciences juridiques (Universite catholique de Louvain/Belgique) et diplome d'etudes specialisees en droits de l'homme (Universite catholique de Louvain/Belgique), l'auteur est chercheur independant en droit international (penal, public, humanitaire et droits de l'homme).
Army spokesman Olivier Hamuli confirmed that civilians had been
For example, squid have cartilaginous anticristae and hamuli that protrude into the statocyst cavity and direct the flow of endolymph over cristae ridges, the strips of sensory epithelia that are aligned in three orthogonal planes (Stephens and Young, 1978).
Hind wing 7.8x as long as wide, with two hamuli; marginal cilia 0.6x width of wing.
Olivier Hamuli, told The Associated Press that Rutshuru, Kiwanja and Buhumba towns, in Kivu province, near the Congo- Rwanda border had been taken after the rebels were pushed towards the Rwanda border.
Olivier Hamuli said that the fighting with rebels resumed around 5 a.m.
To aid that rowboat motion, the bumblebee's rear wings are attached to their front wings by a series of hooks called hamuli or hammulae.