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Noun1.hand mirror - a mirror intended to be held in the handhand mirror - a mirror intended to be held in the hand
mirror - polished surface that forms images by reflecting light
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Having bathed, the Belgian tied a small hand mirror to a cord sewn to the rear wall of his tent, placed a rude chair beside an equally rude table that stood beside the glass, and proceeded to remove the rough stubble from his face.
A haircut at Georgie's was at least a short-lived affair, especially after he took delivery of some new electric clippers, and Georgie would have you in and out of that barber's chair in five minutes flat, flourishing a hand mirror to show the back of your shorn head.
Perform your self-exam under a bright light, using a full-length mirror as well as a hand mirror.
Halfway through the work, a hand mirror falls and cracks, setting the scene for the implied unraveling of the political revolution (by this time already fully underway) that is to follow.
Boult, despite his own manual on conducting forbidding the overuse of the left hand, lets his own left hand mirror the right so often, as his mile-long baton drops below players' sightlines, and ensemble from the London Philharmonic Orchestra is accordingly occasionally ropey.
Tenders are invited for left hand mirror head kit for a new flyer sr605.
I am a world expert on the subject, having written The Mirror Caught The Sun (the title refers to a signal given on a hand mirror ahead of the attack) and people do email me about it all the time.
By the simple addition of a hand mirror held at an angle from the set, he is able to achieve an exact match on the canvas of its color and detail.
Comprising four brushes, a hand mirror, shoe horn and lidded container, the collection carries a signed letter of authenticity.
Always take a little hand mirror with you, so that you can see the back view for yourself.
Use a hand mirror to look behind rainwater pipes as splits and cracks in old cast iron and aluminium are not easily noticed.
HELLo Yes, that's right, chaps, it's your turn to experience the hell of swimwear panic, binge-starvation and the painful humiliation of using tweezers and a hand mirror to pluck every single hair that could cause offence - nay, riots - should you sit with your legs a millimetre apart at the edge of the pool.