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Noun1.hand mirror - a mirror intended to be held in the handhand mirror - a mirror intended to be held in the hand
mirror - polished surface that forms images by reflecting light
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Having bathed, the Belgian tied a small hand mirror to a cord sewn to the rear wall of his tent, placed a rude chair beside an equally rude table that stood beside the glass, and proceeded to remove the rough stubble from his face.
Carey's brushes and the hand mirror. In a little tray were hairpins.
He leaves small gifts like his mother's hand mirror, slowly befriending the children: Katya, Buutje, Julia, and especially the maternal Petite, known as Anna.
Nothing could prepare Erich for what squinted back in the first hand mirror he held up, how people went out of their way not to touch him, how once a week he was forced to join a group of the blasted for Hamster Trips--forays into the countryside to scavenge for food, dig up roots, pick berries, do whatever it took to avoid the white-hot shame of those lines sponsored by the local churches, those patronizing smirks from women spooning out watery potato soup into tin bowls.
Using a hand mirror I saw the cyst was very inflamed.
Initially, authorities confiscated from Jordan a pod dock, a silver cork screw, a glass ashtray, a face towel, and a hand mirror which he allegedly took from the room he was billeted in at Solaire Resort Casino.
Aligning the fragments into straight lines, he describes walls and a roof receding toward a horizon, framed by a thin shape that resembles a hand mirror. The fragments are mostly too small to decipher, but a few details come through, including distant foliage, water, and a length of pipe.
And Betty keeps using a small hand mirror to stare into parts of herself she's never examined.
Dermatology specialist Dr Kirsty Lau explains how a monthly 10-minute self-check, using a ruler, full-length mirror, hand mirror and smartphone can prevent avoidable illnesses.
A haircut at Georgie's was at least a short-lived affair, especially after he took delivery of some new electric clippers, and Georgie would have you in and out of that barber's chair in five minutes flat, flourishing a hand mirror to show the back of your shorn head.
Perform your self-exam under a bright light, using a full-length mirror as well as a hand mirror. And, make sure to check your lips, mouth, ears, scalp, under your breasts, fingernails, and toenails, between your fingers and toes, the soles of your feet, and your genitals.
I am a world expert on the subject, having written The Mirror Caught The Sun (the title refers to a signal given on a hand mirror ahead of the attack) and people do email me about it all the time.