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Noun1.hand mower - a lawn mower that is operated by handhand mower - a lawn mower that is operated by hand
lawn mower, mower - garden tool for mowing grass on lawns
motor mower, power mower - a lawn mower powered by a gasoline motor
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He went in with a small hand mower and mowed around each grave site so they could have the Dedication.
Instead, use a hand mower, keeping the settings high to avoid cutting the grass too short, and push it round your garden.
When the custodian for the Ministry of Works managed the grounds with a scythe and hand mower they were immaculate, not only round the castle, but also down to the river.
Robert Llewellyn developed vibration white finger - also known as hard arm vibration syndrome - after using a strimmer and hand mower every day for two years.
I also recall how grateful I was that I no longer had to push the traditional hand mower up and down the three lawns that I tended at the time - even though I was much fitter and younger in those days.
Reduce your level of consumption, and when someone asks you for something more expensive, just say "No." For instance, at our house we have both a power and a hand lawn mower, so when a not-too-industrious acquaintance asked to borrow the mower, I told him to take the hand mower. He refused and left empty-handed.
I could mow with a hand mower and spade the area with a shovel.
500 square feet of lawn cut 30 times each year with an 18-inch power hand mower
For the first two seasons of sunny toil with roller and hand mower everything went smoothly.
All I need now is to find a small hand mower for the trim work.