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Noun1.hand pump - a pump worked by handhand pump - a pump worked by hand    
pump - a mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction
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CONTA-CLIP has announced it now offers a combination of a hydraulic hand pump and sheet-metal punching tool and says users can thereby produce break-outs in control cabinets for KDSClick, KDS-FB, KDS-KV, and KES cable entries within a few minutes.
Some of the beneficiaries of the hand pump have extended commendations to AEL and partners for the gesture and promised to maintain the hand pumps.
He said the projects which would be cited in Kafin-Iya and Dewu districts will comprise construction of five solar-powered water supply schemes, five hand pump boreholes and rehabilitation of five other projects that would be converted to solar schemes.
Every deep well hand pump has three main parts: the hand-operated mechanism at the top of the well, the pumping cylinder that pushes water up from below, and a run of rigid pipe and rod that connects the two.
If an airgunner just wants to fill his gun, then there is one more option--a high-pressure hand pump. That's what we are looking at.
When we installed the water storage system described in the accompanying article, we included a hand pump to draw water from the cistern during power outages.
Powered by either hand pump or 12-volt DC battery, the Dual Power Tote Lifter is easily maneuvered with a low center of gravity and an ergonomic handle design.
British scientists have designed a new smart hand pump that will allow people in Africa to get access to freash clean water.
They have installed two models of hand pump and the hand pumps in which high amount of arsenic has been found are painted in red so that the villagers do not drink from those hand pumps," said Prasad.
Main ground water source of drinking water in rural areas of Pakistan is hand pump. Hand pump and motor pumps together provide 61 % of households with drinking water, rising to 70% in rural areas.
The Rolling 28 HP features a double-action hand pump that works in unison with high-velocity cylinders to create fast carriage speeds for quick opens and closes during fusion processes.