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also hand-blown  (hănd′blōn′)
Formed or shaped with a handheld blowpipe: handblown goblets.


(Crafts) having been formed by hand


or hand′-blown`,

(of glassware) shaped by means of a handheld blowpipe: handblown crystal.
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Meticulously handcrafted, hand-blown and lead-free stemware and drinkware
Convenient to the Empire State Building and Grand Central Station, the 1927 building that formerly housed architecture studios has been elegantly reimagined with a calming gray and white palette, hand-blown glass decorations and a dramatic faceted steel vestibule.
MAKE a splash with this beautiful hand-blown glass bowl by Charlotte Sale.
1 Stairs are illuminated using LED handrail lighting and accented with custom hand-blown art glass.
Firstly, there's the black hand-blown champagne flutes (pictured) from Dwell, which are PS19.
The Double Gobble hand-blown gobble call allows the attachment of a bellow tube to the mouthpiece to produce a jake or mature gobble.
Each hand-blown bottle features an intricate glass thread embedded with gold leaf.
The model features a console sculpted from newspaper wood, has a fuel indicator crafted from hand-blown glass, and an RCZ-inspired 'double-bubble' roof.
The fair features juried, hand-crafted objects in a variety of mediums including ceramics, hand-blown glass, metal, fiber, wood, photography, jewelry and prints.
The chandeliers comprise hand-blown crystal icicles of varying lengths and often incorporate ribbon LEDs or discreet halogen bulbs to illuminate them.
Aqua Globes are individually crafted, hand-blown, stained glass ornaments.
Just encase Renowned for its masterful hand-blown encasement glass, Lundberg Studios flame-works the flowers for the limited-edition Monet's Garden before sealing them forever in solid crystal ($610).