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Noun1.hand-held computer - a portable battery-powered computer small enough to be carried in your pocket
portable computer - a personal computer that can easily be carried by hand
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The new mobile computing system will use Psion Teklogix' 7530 hand-held computers along with Zethcon's Synapse, a warehouse management system.
A man was barred from flying for 24 hours after allegedly making a comment about an explosive device in his hand-held computer as his flight readied for takeoff in Salt Lake City.
Hand-held computer technology, such as a Palm Pilot, allows customers to scan their inventory and then drop the computer in its cradle.
Psion Tekiogix has released the Model 7535, a hand-held computer for collecting data in rugged environments.
Ann received a certificate and a prize of a hand-held computer at the awards ceremony in Birmingham.
You can do that with barcodes today: I reported an experiment on my blog where a friend of mine took a bar code reader and attached it to a hand-held computer. Every object has a story; it's just that citizens and consumers don't have access to what that story is.
Among devices in the pilot programs is the Palm Tungsten hand-held computer. "We've been able to make them work, but we've identified a few security holes and are working on them," Koushik said.
A Norwegian member of parliament has apologised after playing a war game on his hand-held computer during a parliamentary debate on Iraq.
AnTech's new REDI data logging system gives operators the opportunity to collect stored data using a hand-held computer without having to physically connect to the REDI unit.
When the technician has collected data from the last fire extinguisher, he touches a button on the hand-held computer, sending all collected data to a host PC, right then and there.
ThermaData Logger Palm software allows users to manage their data loggers on location using the Palm hand-held computer, eliminating the need to take the data loggers back to the PC for programming or data downloading.
The hand-held computer is designed for commercial applicators that use the go-anywhere system for soil sampling, grid mapping, creating prescriptions for variable rate controllers and running spray controllers.

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