hand-held computer

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Noun1.hand-held computer - a portable battery-powered computer small enough to be carried in your pocket
portable computer - a personal computer that can easily be carried by hand
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The new mobile computing system will use Psion Teklogix' 7530 hand-held computers along with Zethcon's Synapse, a warehouse management system.
The study of 1,331 physicians between August and December 2004 also shows that physicians as a group are nearly five times more likely than the general public to own a PDA or hand-held computer.
The company reckons the market for hand-held computers will grow exponentially in the coming years, with world-wide shipments expected to reach 45m units in 2004, from 10.
Rapid advances in technology will greatly improve the devices--such as hand-held computers and smart cards--that monitor and communicate resident care needs.
Slotting into the Springboard expansion slot on any Visor hand-held computer, the VisorPhone device is a complete GSM mobile phone containing a removable and recharchable Li-Ion battery pack, a speaker, a headset, an antenna, a SIM card reader and buttons for power on/off, voice and SMS functions.
A hand-held computer is being used by North Tyneside Council's neighbourhood wardens to speed up the authority's response to problems.
As we understand it, everyone who is stopped will have to be issued with a written record of it, and how that can be done with a hand-held computer I don't know,'' said Mr Eccles.
It is the first railway in Britain to trial the hand-held computer equipment to clamp down on passengers who ride trains without tickets.
Now, with the original Newton consigned to business textbooks along with New Coke as examples of how not to unveil a product, the hand-held computer is enjoying a healthy rebirth.
One new product, TripLink, is a package of software and a hand-held computer device that helps motorists plan the best route for trips.