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"We don't hand-pick candidates or favour anyone, all women are welcome if they feel we can support them.
We can hand-pick the offensive pests from the attacked plant.
In a speech on the economy this morning, he will say: "I can announce today that we are going through the government's capital spending plans [to] hand-pick up to 40 of the biggest infrastructure projects - the ones most important to growth."
Joscelin Lawson, head of human resources, said: "The fact we have so many people coming along means we can hand-pick the best people to join us."
England coach Capello helped to hand-pick the two opponents and believes they will provide ideal preparation for the more meaningful matches immediately afterwards.
Would it not be possible to hand-pick a selection of "decent" films that could be shown in school and studied as part of the curriculum?
Last week, viewers saw TV cook Nigella Lawson, food maverick Anthony Bourdain and chef Ludo Lefebvre hand-pick the contestants they felt had the potential to win a battle of the taste buds - their challenge each week is to create the most flavoursome recipe they can, with help from their famous mentors.
"We believe that our ability to reach across practice lines to hand-pick the teams that will ensure successful outcomes for our clients distinguishes Paul Hastings as a legal counselor of choice for intricate real estate transactions."
"We used to hand-pick about three tons per day with three pickers and we we re missing two tons per day," says Adam.
Moreover, a lavish disbursement of funds as an honourarium allegedly among hand-picked staff members along with an ongoing reshuffle at key positions have left many aghast at the real motives behind the moves.
Gateshead College and Metrocentre owner intu joined forces in 2014 to launch the social enterprise hand-PICKED shop, where students and retail entrepreneurs could sell their products to the public.
Summary: Congress leader had said that SPG chief appointed by Modi had to quit because he refused to accept a list of SPG officers hand-picked by RSS