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Verb1.handcolor - color by hand; "Some old photographs are handcolored"
photography, picture taking - the act of taking and printing photographs
color, color in, colorise, colorize, colour in, colourise, colourize, colour - add color to; "The child colored the drawings"; "Fall colored the trees"; "colorize black and white film"
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What might take 2-3 hours to handcolor conventionally will take only minutes with SpotPen's Handcoloring system.
He owns scores of handcolored lithographs of flora and fauna that sell for thousands of dollars each.
Leonard Aguinaldo's "Minding the Trees" makes use of the artist's trademark ukir or handcolored rubber to rouse everyone's ecological consciousness.
Aside from working as a consultant on various film projects, he focused on developing his TinTone processes which would henceforth reflect his style of handcolored, tinted 'one of a kind', silver-gelatine prints.
The Art of Photographing Children: Techniques for Making Better Color, Black and White, Handcolored, and Digital Pictures is a no-nonsense guide for amateur and professional photographers alike.
Featuring new editions with Louise Bourgeois One's Sleep, Father and Son, I said Yes with my Eyes, and other new handcolored etchings, Olaf Breuning From Home, Inka Essenhigh War, Robert Mangold Four Columns, Laura Owens The Couple, Shirana Shabazi Large Jar, Alyson Shotz Branching Study, Hiroshi Sugimoto La Boite en Bois
Others, including the works by James Sowerby (British Mineralogy and Exotic Mineralogy), were rare examples of books containing handcolored mineral engravings.
Several new products will be highlighted, including oversized handcolored lithos -- approximately 46-by-66 inches.
The Birds of America, which came out in four volumes between 1827 and 1838, consisted of 435 handcolored prints faithfully etched, aquatinted, and engraved from Audubon's original watercolors by Robert Havell, Jr., of London.
In a personal letter, he has informed me that slides, in the form of 3 1/4-inch glass plates, were printed from Wilson's vast repository of glass negatives and handcolored by his staff before being distributed through Riley Brothers of Bradford, England.
It was highly regarded for its handcolored fashion plates and its art reproductions made through the medium of excellent steel and copper engravings.
The earliest illustration of prehnite is probably the excellent handcolored plate in Gautier d'Agoty's Histoire Naturelle .