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1. Of or relating to dexterity, preference, or size with respect to a hand or hands. Often used in combination: one-handed; left-handed; large-handed.
2. Relating to a specified number of people. Often used in combination: a four-handed card game.
3. Of or relating to the mirror-image structure of a chiral molecule.
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(ˈhæn dɪd)

1. having or involving a hand or hands (usu. used in combination): a two-handed backhand.
2. requiring a specified number of persons.
3. preferring the use of a particular hand (usu. used in combination): right-handed.
4. manned; staffed (usu. used in combination): short-handed.
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Adj.1.handed - having or involving the use of hands; "a handed, tree-living animal"; "a four-handed card game"
handless - without a hand or hands; "a handless war veteran"
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She quickly brought them down and handed them in;--and immediately afterwards leaned against the door-post, knitting, and saw nothing.
And again dodging the boom, I ran to the colour lines, handed down their cursed black flag, and chucked it overboard.
The governor lowered the staff, and as he did so the old man who had the stick handed it to the other old man to hold for him while he swore, as if he found it in his way; and then laid his hand on the cross of the staff, saying that it was true the ten crowns that were demanded of him had been lent him; but that he had with his own hand given them back into the hand of the other, and that he, not recollecting it, was always asking for them.