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1. Of or relating to dexterity, preference, or size with respect to a hand or hands. Often used in combination: one-handed; left-handed; large-handed.
2. Relating to a specified number of people. Often used in combination: a four-handed card game.
3. Of or relating to the mirror-image structure of a chiral molecule.
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(ˈhæn dɪd)

1. having or involving a hand or hands (usu. used in combination): a two-handed backhand.
2. requiring a specified number of persons.
3. preferring the use of a particular hand (usu. used in combination): right-handed.
4. manned; staffed (usu. used in combination): short-handed.
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Adj.1.handed - having or involving the use of hands; "a handed, tree-living animal"; "a four-handed card game"
handless - without a hand or hands; "a handless war veteran"
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LOUIS Saha believes that Alexis Sanchez can 'single handedly' bring United back into the top four.
You did it single handedly with a fighter in a number 11.
FAISALABAD -- Assistant Sub Inspector of Jhang Traffic Police has been arrested red handedly while taking bribe in a raid by Anti Corruption team.
It can't be easy trying single handedly to load messages on to a conveyer belt, pack them into bags, find as much small change as you can muster and still hold a conversation with a pal who is probably only a few miles away and who you may not even have spoken to since you entered the supermarket.
Critics, including these authors, say the Bush administration has single handedly put the brakes on environmental progress after a century of steady growth.