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1. A grip of or by the hand.
2. Something that one can hold onto for support.


1. (Mountaineering) an object, crevice, etc, that can be used as a grip or support, as in climbing
2. a grip or secure hold with the hand or hands



1. a grip with the hand or hands.
2. something to grip or take hold of, as a support or handle.
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Noun1.handhold - an appendage to hold onto
appendage - a part that is joined to something larger
References in classic literature ?
There was no time to stop and institute a search for sturdy stems and safe handholds.
Tenders are invited for One Coach Set Of Longitudinal Handholds Complete For Dmu/Dpc/Jk2 Coaches To Drg.
They should be looking for secure footholds and handholds such as small branches, knots, and holes in the bark, and alternating between using their feet and their hands.
Featured on the stand will be their popular Rocfast “locks and logistics” package which handholds customers through the supply chain hurdles of specification, ordering, component assembly, packaging and delivery, whether to factory or installation site.
Nearby below, four 20-somethings were powdering up and practicing handholds on low rocks.
Funds will also be used to refurbish an unused Traverse Rock Wall in the school's gymnasium with new developmentally appropriate beginner's handholds and new safety mats.
Know where all the footholds, handholds, steps, walkways and 'no-step' areas are.
The first part of the climb is very difficult; the only handholds and footholds are the ends of bolts which have been almost covered up by the many layers of paint put on them over the years.
Until recently, workers had to climb up the twisting columns, hoisting themselves with wooden pegs and ropes, using the decorative bronze leaves and branches as toe perches and handholds.
Halfway along there's a mildly difficult part where handholds have been placed in the rock.
Examples of the firm's 2010 victories on behalf of clients include a $3 million settlement for the estate of a scrap yard worker fatally injured on the job because the railcar he was riding lacked federally mandated safety features including grab bars, handholds and foot stirrups.