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n. Sports & Games
1. One who assigns handicaps.
2. One who predicts the winners in a horserace, especially one who publishes such predictions as a guide for bettors.


1. (Individual Sports, other than specified) an official appointed to assign handicaps to competitors in such sports as golf and horse racing
2. (Journalism & Publishing) a newspaper columnist employed to estimate the chances that horses have of winning races


(ˈhæn diˌkæp ər)

a. an official who assigns handicaps to contestants, as in a horse race or golf tournament.
b. a person employed, as by a newspaper, to make predictions on the outcomes of horse races.
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Noun1.handicapper - someone who sets the betting odds based on calculations of the outcome of a contest (especially a horse race)
gambler - a person who wagers money on the outcome of games or sporting events
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RATINGS RISERS IT SEEMED unlikely at the start of last week that the Flat handicapper would get his biggest headache from an apprentice maiden at Dundalk, but as soon as Cenotaph passed the post in front on Sunday the question of how the handicapper would treat this victory would have been in many minds.
Col (Retd) Shaukat Ali Khan, a two handicap player, one handicapper Saqib and other handicapper Ihsan Manzoor to seal the fate of rival at 6-4 and half.
True, there is no sure-fire process to pick out a winner, but perhaps a little understanding of the handicapping system will help, and who better to hear it from than Melvin Day, the Emirates Racing Authority's official handicapper.
IT WAS a very interesting week with a few big races for the handicapper to mull over, and one suspects the shake-up to the chase ratings could have been more drastic had the assessor been so inclined.
Desert Orchid was class personified and defied the handicapper time and again.
Monster when in mood,'' one Racing Form analyst noted in handicapper shorthand.
RICHARD FAHEY yesterday called for the Irish handicapper to be more "realistic" in his assessment of Irish horses as he responded to claims made by leading Irish trainers in yesterday's Racing Post, who felt British-trained runners had as much as 10lb in hand when contesting handicaps in Ireland.
Surprisingly, the ad's signatories included handicapper Bob Ike of the Daily News.
But guess who or what came in for the biggest criticism - the handicapper.