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v. han·dled, han·dling, han·dles
1. To touch, lift, or hold with the hands: You should wash your hands before you handle food.
2. To operate with the hands; manipulate: can handle a jigsaw.
3. To deal with or have responsibility for; conduct: handles matters of corporate law.
4. To cope with or dispose of: handles problems efficiently.
a. To direct, execute, or dispose of: handle an investment.
b. To manage, administer to, or represent: handle a boxer.
6. To deal or trade in the purchase or sale of: a branch office that handles grain exports.
To act or function in a given way while in operation: a car that handles well in the snow.
1. A part that is designed to be held or operated with the hand: the handle of a suitcase; the handle of a faucet.
2. A means of understanding or control: has a handle on the situation.
a. Slang A person's name.
b. An alternate name or nickname, especially one chosen for self-identification on online forums or citizens band radio.
4. Games The total amount of money bet on an event or over a set period of time.
handle (oneself)
1. To conduct oneself in a specified manner: handled herself well in the interview.
2. To be able to defend oneself or fend for oneself: Don't worry about me. I can handle myself.

[Middle English handelen, from Old English handlian.]

han′dle·less adj.
Synonyms: handle, manipulate, wield, ply2
These verbs mean to use or operate with or as if with the hands. Handle applies widely and suggests competence: We need workers who know how to handle power tools. The therapist handled every problem with sensitivity.
Manipulate connotes skillful or artful control: Some jets are controlled by manipulating a joystick.
When manipulate refers to people or personal affairs, it often implies deviousness or fraud in gaining an end: I realized I'd been manipulated into helping them.
Wield implies freedom, skill, ease, and effectiveness in handling physical or figurative implements: The cane cutters moved through the field, wielding their machetes. The mayor's speechwriter wields a persuasive pen.
It also connotes effectiveness in the exercise of intangibles such as authority or influence: The dictator wielded enormous power.
Ply suggests industry and persistence: The rower plied his oars in a steady rhythm.
The term also applies to the regular and diligent engagement in a task or pursuit: She plies the banker's trade with great success. See Also Synonyms at touch.
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Adj.1.handled - having a usually specified type of handle; "pearl-handled revolver"
handleless - having no handle; "sleek cabinets with apparently handleless doors"
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All vessels are handled in the same way as far as theory goes, just as you may deal with all men on broad and rigid principles.
The whitewashed walls; the little pews where well-known figures entered with a subdued rustling, and where first one well-known voice and then another, pitched in a peculiar key of petition, uttered phrases at once occult and familiar, like the amulet worn on the heart; the pulpit where the minister delivered unquestioned doctrine, and swayed to and fro, and handled the book in a long accustomed manner; the very pauses between the couplets of the hymn, as it was given out, and the recurrent swell of voices in song: these things had been the channel of divine influences to Marner--they were the fostering home of his religious emotions--they were Christianity and God's kingdom upon earth.
He handled them, he counted them, till their form and colour were like the satisfaction of a thirst to him; but it was only in the night, when his work was done, that he drew them out to enjoy their companionship.
On hearing this Sancho broke silence and cried out, "By all that's good, I'll as soon let my face be smacked or handled as turn Moor.
No sooner had Sancho caught sight of them than, bellowing like a bull, he exclaimed, "I might let myself be handled by all the world; but allow duennas to touch me- not a bit of it!
And so much of public envy or discontentment, and the difference thereof from private envy, which was handled in the first place.
The total cargo handled at Karachi Port during the last 24
Sri Lanka's Colombo port announced that it has handled a record 7m teu for 2018, an increase of 1m teu from the previous year, according to Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA).
KARACHI -- Karachi port handled 5.28 per cent more cargo during the first six months (July-Dec) of FY2017-18, at 27.198 million tonnes, compared to 25.83m tonnes handled in the same period of last fiscal.
According to Karachi Port Trust (KPT), a total of 27.198 million metric tons of cargo handled at Karachi Port during the last six months (July-December) of the ongoing financial year 2017-18, as compared to 25.83 million metric tons of cargoes for the same period of last year, registering an increase growth of 5.28 percent in cargo handling.
Materials Flow--The average amount of materials reported handled annually by firms engaged in both deconstruction and retail reuse sales was about 1.01 million pounds per firm, compared to 583,376 pounds per firms only engaged in reuse retail sales.